Figure 1

Bleeding complications at the access sites during catheter directed thrombolysis for acute limb ischaemia: Mini review

Elias Noory*, Tanja Böhme, Ulrich Beschorner and Thomas Zeller

Published: 03 March, 2021 | Volume 5 - Issue 1 | Pages: 001-003


Figure 1:

Schematic representation of CaveoVasc® procedure. A. Guidewire in femoral artery. B. CaveoVasc® is applied after punction of the femoral artery and placement of the guide wire, thus in the beginning of the procedure. C. Removal of Locator, blood backflow indicates correct position. D. Infaltion of the Fixation Balloon – the inflated balloon secures the position of CaveoVasc® in the tissue. E. Placement of the sheath. F. Inflation of Pressure Balloon – Start of thrombolysis therapy via catheter perfusion. G. Removal of the sheath and catheter after the end of the thrombolysis procedure. H. Removal of CaveoVasc®.

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